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2 things to know about business succession

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | Estate Planning

Starting and growing a business is a good thing. However, keeping it in good standing for years to the point of passing it down to your family is incredible. The chances are you want your company and family legacy to continue for years. Business succession can help you do that, but you should be informed to make the right moves.

Here are two things to know about business succession.

It’s a process

Business succession is not a one-day event – it’s a process. You can take years preparing your family members for it. For instance, you can have your children work at the company when they are old enough, allowing them to learn more about its operations and the industry at large. This way, should they inherit it, they will know how to manage and keep growing the brand.

It’s an option

You may have heard stories or watched movies where a child didn’t want to inherit their parents’ business. And this can happen to anyone. Your child may have other passions that they want to follow. Thus, you should present the business to them as an option, not a family responsibility. You can tell if your child is interested in the family business from an earlier age.

If they don’t wish to manage it, you can pick other family members to do so or get outside experience. Your child may be the owner, provided you teach them about the vital aspects of the business. Therefore, you can find ways to respect their wishes while protecting them.

Business succession is important and you should protect your legacy. It will help to get legal guidance to make informed decisions.