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Taking The Pain Out Of Estate Planning

Many people think the estate planning process is too expensive, too time-consuming and too complicated. It doesn’t have to be.

At Law Office of Matthew D. Scott, we use modern technology to make your planning experience as efficient and secure as possible. Our compassionate guidance helps you make informed decisions on how to best provide for your family. We always provide you with options that support a plan that reflects your unique family and your specific goals.

Why Prepare An Estate Plan?

Unfortunately, many people have false beliefs about estate planning – that these plans are only for families that don’t get along, older people or people with large estates. It may be tempting to put off this vital decision-making moment, but often people wait until it is too late. The truth is that everyone can benefit from some form of estate planning, although the plan takes a different shape for each person.

Parents may want to choose a guardian to provide their underage child with love, guidance and support if they cannot be there themselves and create a proactive plan that provides them with peace of mind. Older people may want to consider the financial strategy that will keep the peace among their loved ones, provide for them as much as possible and potentially avoid the challenges of probate. Those with a parent whose health is failing or who have a child with special needs may want guidance to address those unique concerns.

What Documents Can An Estate Plan Include?

Wills and trusts form only a part of a comprehensive estate plan. A comprehensive estate plan may include:

  • A last will and testament, including guardianship nominations for minor children
  • A trust, including a special needs trust for any beneficiaries that receive disability benefits
  • Nominations for the executor of the estate and successor trustees if necessary
  • A durable power of attorney for asset management and finances
  • A power of attorney for health care, also known as a health care directive
  • A living will
  • Deed transfers for real property
  • Assignments for any business interests

Law Office of Matthew D. Scottstrives to add value to the experience by helping you determine which tools are appropriate for you and by harmonizing the various components of your full estate plan to accomplish your goals. We can also help you update your plan to reflect changes in your family or the law.

Get Experienced Guidance For Your Estate Plan

To avoid future expenses and inconvenience to you and your heirs, speak with an experienced attorney for the correct advice. All estate planning services are provided on a flat-fee basis and include complimentary notarization. Call 916-894-8632 or reach out to my firm online to schedule a free consultation.