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Offering Guidance For Long-Term Care And Medi-Cal Planning

As the greatest generation and the baby boomers enter the twilight of their lives, more and more people move into skilled nursing facilities (also known as nursing homes). This can leave many aging people and their adult children wondering how they can afford this necessary care.

Law Office of Matthew D. Scott has helped many families in Roseville and the surrounding area to plan for long-term care needs while also preserving their financial health. I can help you explore your options for protected vehicles to preserve your estate and navigate the process of applying for long-term care benefits. There is a better way, and I am dedicated to helping my clients find it.

Preparing For The Future With Personalized Plans

Those applying for Medi-Cal, California’s version of federal Medicaid, face strict asset limits. This can lead many to believe that they will not qualify for this necessary assistance, but this is not necessarily the case. Many don’t realize that they can prepare financially for long-term care without spending down their estate or incurring a significant bill from the state.

Combining complex estate planning tools with a thorough understanding of all applicable regulations, our firm designs a tailored plan for your family. Through specialized trusts, asset allocation techniques and gifting strategies, aging people and their families can preserve assets while ensuring they get the care they need and maintain a comfortable standard of living.

I help clients explore the strategies that can protect their hard-earned wealth while fully complying with applicable laws. These strategies may include intentionally defective grantor trusts, special needs trusts, gifting, and real property transfers consistent with the law and good practice.

Create A Plan That Provides You With Peace Of Mind

Your personal, family or business situation will affect the estate planning solutions that best support your needs. To explore your options with a competent attorney in a free consultation, contact my firm online or call 916-894-8632.