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A Focus On Elder Law

Older people and their families face a variety of different concerns. What happens if they are unable to care for themselves? Do their assets have the protection they need? Do they have the right plans in place?

Law Office of Matthew D. Scott focuses on all aspects of elder law while remaining dedicated to keeping up with the latest in state and federal regulations regarding elders and their assets. Our lead attorney, Matthew D, Scott, combines this knowledge with a compassionate approach to create personalized plans based on your unique needs for long-term care. We work closely with clients to address their plan’s legal and financial effects and to navigate the emotional aspects of these decisions.

Assisting With Every Aspect Of Elder Law

While creating a last will and testament or establishing a trust are crucial legal considerations, elderly people and their loved ones may also need to consider other details. They may also need to create plans that protect their eligibility for benefits or address what happens if illness or injury leaves them with incapacity.

As people grow older, a variety of illnesses and conditions can limit their ability to care for themselves or make important decisions about their health and finances. We help people create powers of attorney that name a trusted person to make those critical choices on their behalf if they become incapacitated in the future. Older adults with specific wishes about their end-of-life care may also want to consider an advance directive to make those desires known.

We can also help people establish a conservatorship to protect their elderly loved ones if they cannot manage their own affairs or perform the activities of daily living (ADLs). A conservator manages details like the personal care and transportation of the conservatee, chooses where they will live, makes decisions about their finances and communicates with the court about their current status. This can provide elderly people with the skilled care and additional support they need in their twilight years. If needed, we can work with adult protective services to ensure your loved one is safe.

If you are planning your finances so you can afford your lifestyle but also qualify for Medi-Cal, we can help you. Attorney Scott has experience as a licensed financial professional. He uses this knowledge to help you with asset protection, gifting, an irrevocable trust and other smart strategies for Medicaid eligibility. This way, you can feel confident knowing you will be able to pay for a nursing home or other geriatric care.

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