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When legal matters impact families, they can impact both the finances and the intimate relationships of those involved. Disputes regarding the administration of a deceased loved one’s will or trust, accusations of undue influence or questions of financial abuse can add strain to an already difficult time. Thankfully, these conflicts don’t have to end up in court.

At Law Office of Matthew D. Scott, I am passionate about helping families find peaceful solutions when conflict arises. I have completed more than 40 hours of instruction in formal mediation and have further trained in negotiations and settlements. With this skill and a compassionate approach, I help families in Roseville and the surrounding area resolve their conflicts outside of the courtroom.

What Are The Benefits Of ADR?

Depending on your goals, mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can ease much of the strain you face when resolving a client. Some of the many benefits of ADR include:

  • Privacy – Any conflict in families is complex, but working through those disputes in public can be especially painful. Alternative dispute resolution provides families with the opportunity to keep these conflicts and the details of their dispute private.
  • Increased input and control – Instead of putting the outcome of a dispute in the hands of a judge, ADR allows people to have extensive input during negotiations and control over which solution is satisfying to them.
  • Speed – In many cases, alternative dispute resolution helps families work through a dispute faster than they could have resolved that conflict in court.

In addition to these benefits, ADR also has the potential to preserve familial ties. While litigating a dispute can do further damage to relationships, ADR can encourage families to work together toward a solution and protect those important relationships in the process.

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