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Common reasons for Medi-Cal rejections

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Medi-Cal and Long Term Care Planning

One of the biggest financial concerns for individuals in the US is medical care. This is of great concern for those on a lower income especially. The state of California has a public health insurance program known as Medi-Cal, which is designed to help people in this position. Medi-Cal provides access to medical services and treatment for those who could not afford it otherwise.

Nonetheless, the application process for this insurance is quite rigorous, and many people are rejected in the first instance. Recognizing some of the more common reasons for rejection could assist you with your claim. Outlined below are a few things to consider.

Your reported income must be accurate

To qualify for Medi-Cal, your income level must be below the minimum threshold. For a single person, the annual income requirement is below $18,755. There are different requirements for families of more than one person and individuals over the age of 65 or with disabilities. It’s important to report your income accurately during the application process. Failure to report income, or overestimating your yearly salary could result in a denial.

You must also report assets

Your total assets are also considered during the Medi-Cal application process. If you’re a single person, then you need to have under $130,000 in assets to qualify. Assets can be tricky to quantify, and again, failure to report your assets appropriately or overestimating the worth of your assets could result in a denied claim.

Your health care matters

It’s vital that you receive access to the healthcare that you need. When making a claim to cover your health care costs, it’s important that you seek some legal guidance to assist you with the application process.