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Frustrating elder care conflict? Mediation could help

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Medi-Cal and Long Term Care Planning

Mediation is an excellent tool for resolving conflicts. Mediators are third-party individuals who listen to both or all sides of an argument and then help those involved work out a solution that is reasonable and agreeable.

Mediators are there to offer constructive support to everyone, not just one party or the other. They don’t take sides and aren’t there to judge. Instead, they are more like a guide who is there to help maintain a conversation and keep everyone working toward a solution.

Elder care issues may leave families in conflict

It is possible that your family may have to deal with a loved one’s declining health or to make decisions about their care. Sometimes, you may not agree on the best course of action. For example, your sibling might want to put your mother or father into a care home. You may want to move them in with you instead. Perhaps a third sibling thinks in-home care would be a better option.

If you can’t agree but a decision has to be made, going through elder care mediation could help. The mediator would talk to each of you about why you think that your decision would be the best one. After looking at different sides of the argument, you may all decide on a solution that would be reasonable, such as starting with moving your parent into your home with in-home health care support and then moving on to a care home if that’s needed later on.

Mediators are neutral and there to help

The great thing about mediation is that the mediator is there to help all of you. A mediator may help you and your siblings or other family members come up with solutions that really work instead of continuing to argue about possible solutions that you don’t agree on. By working together and taking a positive approach to communication, it may be possible to put disputes behind you and to resolve your concerns, so you can do what is in the best interests of your elderly loved one as soon as possible. A good mediation session can get your discussions back on track and even help you resolve a dispute for good.